Gold mother barbecue brand

school days, remember the home on the way to the most delicious barbecue barbecue food? Night comes, 32 friends under study, walking in the street, see barbecue stalls always go up to buy one or two strings. Night together, roadside barbecue stalls will gradually put up, diners began to increase, which has become a constant number of cities in the night scenery. No matter in the small city, markets, parks, residential, high streets and back lanes, or at leisure and snack stalls, barbecue industry everywhere, it has become an indispensable part of many consumers in the diet, created a huge consumer market. Therefore, the advent of the Kim family Korean barbecue, can be described as the trend of the times!

gold mother home barbecue brand introduction:

gold mother’s Korean barbecue is a set of no pollution, no smoke, sanitation, health and environmental protection as one of the new products to the Korean barbecue, barbecue buffet style, leisure and health, to retain the nutritional content of food barbecue process, the smoke and tar are down to eat, nutrition and health. And not high in calories and fat, so that consumers into the concept of health at the same time enjoy the delicious, has high nutritive value.

gold mother’s Korean barbecue has a rich variety of delicacy, in addition to private braised pork roll series, there are a variety of chicken rice flower, noodles, braised pork porridge, let consumers come to the gold mother’s Korean barbecue can find their favorite delicacy. Gold mother’s Korean barbecue rooms with a good project headquarters adhere to the principle of stuffing, plus delicious sauce, is invincible, let the consumer.

gold’s house from the South Korean barbecue recipe, and combined with the Chinese consumer tastes is improved, use pepper, cinnamon and clove dozens of flavors, elaborate collocation, modulation of various flavors of sauce, marinade and soup, delicious and healthy, in the catering market highly sought after, bloom exotic splendor, gold mother a Korean barbecue franchisee has brought a profit. The taste is very authentic, people eat all of our barbecue Lianlianbuwang, once tasted, will become the barbecue stores customers. Now join king mother’s Korean barbecue, as long as the investment of several million, the headquarters can also provide barbecue equipment and experience for entrepreneurs to support, let you shop to make money to.

gold mother Korean barbecue to join the shopping mall vision is very attractive, worthy of more attention and attention of investors. Join the Han Palace Korean BBQ kettle chain stores, headquarters will be consistent training of franchisees, let all the franchisees can quickly grasp the management methods and the normal operating system that gold mother’s Korean barbecue franchise headquarters will also provide decoration planning for all franchisees, franchisees for capital spent less money. Earn high profits. Kim mother Korean barbecue to join, small investment, high income, suitable for the majority of operators, but also for large operations. Choose the success of the Han Dynasty palace Han barbecue, let you relaxed surplus, easy to get rich!