The Spring Festival to hold the feast for the elderly and young migrant workers in Hunan story – Net

a lot of people in the old age due to inconvenience, their economic conditions are limited, so the standard of living is not very good! But a new generation of people, a lot of young people don’t forget the pay, "I wish the old people’s health, longevity, happy life!" is the beginning of the six month, with the event sponsor Huang Wen to a nearby, CO sponsored by the young migrant workers "feast for the elderly in Hunan Miao Autonomous County in Mayang Province Ping Xi Xiang Zhu Mu Cun have.

held in the banquet, the scene a laughter, beaming. Sun Valley Pingli put on nearly 20 tables, posted on the wall of the "tuzhuanfang solidarity · Thanksgiving dedication" eye-catching red paper, the more than and 80 year old will be placed on the desktop on the seats, wax pig, steamed fish, steamed pork with rice flour, meat farmers and nearly 20 young people eager to dishes. Toast to old people, the words of blessing throughout the Sun Valley ping.

Huang Wen has been in Zhejiang Ningbo, because of busy work, rarely return home, have no time to spend more time with their parents until their parents died, he felt deep regret and guilt, so he launched the "feast for the elderly", want to pay more attention to the health of the elderly to young people in the village through such activities spend more time and energy to spend time with the elderly, so that old people live a happy life.

Huang Wen’s idea was put forward, immediately got the support of migrant workers outside the village, 65 migrant workers donated nearly $twenty thousand. In the banquet scene, they prepared a sumptuous dinner for the elderly, but also for each person gave a warm jacket, so that the elderly feel the young people care about them and miss.

"we young people must work hard to make money on the outside, please do not worry about the elderly, we will come back later with you, I hope you pay more attention to the body at home." Huang Donglin, who works in Shenzhen.

"thank you can keep us these old people, with your concern, we feel very happy." 93 year old Huang Chengqi eating feast for the elderly, face smile more brilliant, 7 people working in the sun outside this year 5 are back together with his new year.

Hunan migrant workers to return home for the Spring Festival held a feast for the elderly, the Chinese tradition of respect for the elderly has been a good heritage, which we should actively give affirmation! "You can always miss out money home for the elderly, remember that caring for the elderly in our village of virtue, everybody is good!" the village branch secretary Li Ye raised his glass, "I hope in the development of your work, then come back to support hometown."

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