Cool off ice cream bar – how much money you need to join a

ice cream to join the project Xiaobian for you recommend COOL Ba ice cream, then the brand exactly how? What are the advantages? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

cool guest ice cream for Guangzhou star class Catering Management Services Limited’s brand, it is a collection of catering, investment, management, research and development, sales in one of the large-scale food and Beverage Management Co., ltd.. Cool off, is a good brand of ice cream, pilot Chinese style ice cream. Italy, France and other countries, dig ice cream classic family recipe, for people to bring a century of rare ice shock. For the purpose of creating the brand of Chinese ice cream brand, we sincerely invite you to join us.

how much does it cost? How about the cool ice cream?

cool ice ice cream join fee

10 million to 200 thousand between

cool ice cream to join the advantages of

: cool off early Pakistan headquarters to provide the preparatory stage of the business consulting services free of charge, so that all businesses to understand the advantages and action; marketing experts to provide free site guidance; senior professional personnel to provide detailed budget free; for businessmen to join the new free comprehensive and professional technical training, let all the stores offer super ultra pure customer authentic Italy ice cream; professional and technical personnel and equipment, to provide ultra fast shipping and free on-site installation and debugging. Free of charge for all businesses to enjoy the benefits of a mature brand norms, strong brand support allows you to win at the starting point. The headquarters of the technical teacher to arrange a free onsite counseling practice, allowing you to smooth acceptance.

medium: cool bar off the headquarters has a professional service team, operation technology, free of all middle business consulting; provide ultra fast new listing service, monthly update products, every month there are new selling point so that all businesses at the same time enjoy; provide ultra comprehensive supply of raw materials, raw materials and complete business headquarters, from the headquarters super cheap to buy raw materials. Ultra wide coverage of the national super advertising, all businesses free to enjoy strong advertising benefits.

later: the implementation of the regional protection policy, ensure that all businesses of great interest. Headquarters and a number of well-known domestic freight, logistics companies signed a long-term cooperation agreement, all businesses can enjoy the procurement of goods from the headquarters of the ultra convenient and fast, ultra safe logistics services. Nearly 60 large and medium cities in the country after the repair point of repair at any time on the equipment maintenance, maintenance services to ensure that businesses do not worry.

cool Pakistan for their own set a scientific and rational market positioning, so that the convenience of the better meet the investment partners