The new nine Korean barbecue grill – the whole of folded plate

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food and beverage industry is lagging behind will be eliminated in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the fierce competition among the Korean Master Mr. Jin Zhehao over the years to the Korean food market, food, spices and popular taste of system analysis, and on the basis of research of dishes, corresponding market situation out of pork as the main raw material to the nine plate series barbecue.

has a lot of friends don’t know exactly what is the nine plate, today Xiaobian to tell us about science!

As the name suggests,

nine folding, consisting of 9 kinds of materials. The traditional nine folded plate is South Korea senior banquet "appetizer", now has more than and 200 years of history. It is named "Nine" is because the costumes of the folded plate, the container is divided into nine compartments were placed beef or vegetables of different foods, this dish is only in the South Korean Palace Banquet or is an important festival to eat, with the meaning of "harmony" in South Korea customs.

Korean Master Mr. Jin Zhehao according to the characteristics of Korean court cuisine "nine plate" caused the design inspiration, is the pork grease, with exclusive development of seasonings, pickled meat are nine different flavors, with different flavor in baking time, eat oil is not astringent, both fresh and juicy it is just perfect, thought-provoking, and different collocation, with juice, sauce, sauce taste truly ages the myriads of changes.

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