Do business to be good at using the network

in today’s market, if it is to do business, contacts is a very important point. So, if you want to make your business to do a good job, naturally need to grasp the network. However, the side of their loved ones, friends develop their own customers, this type of event is controversial. Some people think that in order to sell their own goods and contact relatives, friends, relatives and friends will not only cause the misunderstanding and resentment, and his burden is the burden of family and friends; and some people think that regular contact, mutual help, this is the only true friend, if within the scope of their loved ones friends, the ability of things to help others, it is not a happy and happy thing?

I prefer the latter view. In fact, did not participate in the work of the time, I do not approve of the family, friends develop into the practice of customers. Later, when I joined the work, into the marketing department, a new understanding of marketing, and even changed my previous views.

once a classmate party, we haven’t met for a long time, talk about the recent work. And this time, I made the first successful gathering of students. Remember that several students party, asked each other ‘s work, talk to my work, they are very curious, I briefly introduced the general situation of my work, they like science after knowledge, continue to ask me questions, I will be happy to answer for all of them.

chat to the last I joked, said: welcome to come to order Pro oh!" Attracted everyone laugh. Unexpectedly, not long after the reunion, I really got a classmate call, he said that his friend get married, I need to order products, so I think I at reunions half joking way to introduce my product, now I feel very fit. So, I made my first business in a humorous way.

In fact, the

side of their loved ones, friends to develop their own customers, is not necessarily a thing that will hurt everyone’s friendship. Perhaps it will be a matter of making friends and relatives, friends, mutual benefit and friendship. The key depends on how you deal with all of this, relatives, friends, the main selling is to resist your aggressive marketing tools, giving people a feeling of being cheated, forced consumption.

if it is between friends and relatives to sell, we must grasp the means and skills, so as to be able to make the side of the network really play a role. If it is a mandatory promotion, with this way to sell their products, not only will not help in your business, it will let you lose more relatives and friends; if full respect for family and friends advice, find a suitable point of interest, not overdo sth. to sell their products, this will make the side friends listen to your products, or products on your interest.

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